Heating systems


LITEHEAT systems provide an even, full-face heating process and offer a high infrared emission. Infrared (IR) radiation transfers heat to a body or an object without the need of direct contact between the heat source and the object. Other than convection heat (state oft he art air vents), infrared radiation warms the human body directly, just like the warm-up process given by the sun.

Herefore, heat is not only felt when touching the heated surface, but the passenger also experiences pleasant and homogeneous radiation heat.

If mainly contact heat is desired, LITEHEAT systems can be manufactured in a way that only contact heat is generated.


Heating systems for cars


The “Liteheat” heating technology developed by Villinger is the game changer in heating systems for cars. By the high energy efficiency of the “Liteheat” system, where electrical energy is directly converted into heat energy, the energy to be expended can be significantly reduced while comfort is increased and system weight is reduced.